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Gatsby Show

Website Relaunch
Desktop: Gatsby Show, Website Relaunch
Mobile: Gatsby Show, Website Relaunch
Website Optimisation
Website Relaunch
In late 2019 Roofevents has approached us with their existing landing page dedicated to an immersive show event. Originally, this page was built with Wix and there were two problems: the website was clunky and slow, the content management process wasn’t convenient.
This colourful page was heavy in the original version due to excessive HTML layout and non-optimised graphics. Also, the responsive layout was working using Javascript, not with CSS @media queries and this made it even slower.
These are common flaws of any website builder service that usually don’t require writing code, which might often be considered as an advantage though. In this particular case, page performance affects the conversion rate directly, hence it must be as light as possible; we embarked on the work.
First, we addressed this problem of clunky HTML layout. In some cases, it is possible to extract just the necessary CSS-styles and HTML-elements onto a new clean page. However, in this case, it was faster and better to rewrite it from scratch, using the existing website as a reference.
The result – a lightweight static page with the very same appearance looks great on any device and the responsiveness is instant. We have also fixed some inaccuracies to make the new layout match the 12-column grid.
Gatsby Show
We have chosen Wordpress as a simple and convenient CMS (Content Management System), familiar to everyone. To make the admin panel even more user-friendly, we configured it so that only necessary fields are displayed.
Bearing in mind the purpose of this website, we have used the Lazy Load approach to allow loading page content only once a user has scrolled down to it – this allowed to save a few more seconds. After extensive testing, we have set up a new server and launched the website without downtime.
The next project with Roofevents – a website for a tribute-band The Beatlove – was implemented with us from the very beginning, bearing in mind all the principles mentioned above and their correlation with the conversion rate.
See for yourself at gatsbyshow.ru
Vaso Danilovskiy
Best guys! They made me a cool site in 10 days and their help center works perfect
Vaso Danilovskiy,
Founder of RoofEvents
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