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Landing Page about Music Promotion
Minimalistic Design
Clear Call-to-action
Queued Mail Notifications
Automated Replies
This is our second project with Honest Music in 2019 – a landing page dedicated to a particular service of promoting music videos on YouTube. The company have solid experience in music promotion on various digital platforms and is engaged in content monetisation.
Having seen the input materials and the information about this service, we suggested a certain page structure. This was implemented as a visual wireframe, which simply explains the service, highlights key figures and leads to the call-to-action. The page has also several examples of successful promotion campaigns.
Once the concept was approved, we embarked on the web design, whereas the web development has already begun in advance and was proceeding simultaneously. The final visual appearance was required to be clean, airy and minimalistic.
The call-to-action is enquiring about the service, so only a name and a contact e-mail address are required. We have also ensured the Privacy Policy is in place and the users can easily understand how their data is used, stored and processed.
To make sure the website administrators from Honest Music get the notifications about new enquiries with no delays, we have implemented a queued way to process those. This means when submitting an enquiry, a customer gets an instant reply from the server, while the notifications are distributed asynchronously in the background mode on the web server.
To manage the content, we used our own development – The Vault Admin Panel. In case of this landing page, where there is just the essential information, managing content is a completely hassle-free process.
The launch was a complete success. There were so many enquiries, the project was continued even further by implementing an automated script for replying to the customers, which helped the Honest Music team tackling the volume of enquiries.
Link — tubepromo.ru
«The team of Rocking Tech built the website from scratch, including the design and administrator interface. All of our wishes regarding the user interface and admin interface were taken into account. The team also answered all of our questions and made sure we know how to get the best results from the website. The job was done quikly and effectively, with every detail getting the attention it deserves»
Ksenia Gayvoronskaya
Ksenia Gayvoronskaya
Deputy Director at Honest Music
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