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Our 2020

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Q1 2020

Brand New Website

Launched our brand new website with an extensive portfolio, a full description of our services, and a fully automated Instant Quote mechanism.

Automation of Routine

As a part of improving our internal processes, we’ve created our own NPM frontend packages to unify major CSS principles we apply and utilise in various projects at no time at all.
Q2 2020

Innovate UK

Amid the first COVID-wave, we have participated in a business-led innovation funding competition by Innovate UK, a part of UK Research and Innovation.
Our idea was to create an automated solution to provide 50 local Bedfordshire businesses with bespoke e-commerce websites and let them trade online.

NatWest Accelerator

Applied and got accepted to Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator based in Milton Keynes. Later in 2020, the programme was extended due to the pandemic. Read more in our blog.

Website Monitoring

Launched our own fully-automated website monitoring service.
It continuously monitors the project uptime, the domain and SSL expiration dates to mitigate the chance of emergencies and be prepared for scaling up.

Student Internships

Conducted a successful two-week internship with a team of undergraduate and postgraduate UK-based students. The goal of the project was to obtain a deeper understanding of the UK’s radio broadcasting market.
Read more in our blog.

Platform for Climate Activism

Embarked on the development of a new innovative platform, entirely dedicated to climate activism.
More on this in 2021 when it’s due the public launch!

Website Builder

A new very exciting innovative product is on the way!